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Long ago, in the year 2004, message boards from then-popular Ohio indie radio station WOXY gave birth to a child and named it Randomville.com. Much like WOXY, we always wanted to be just a bit different, but only in that we wanted to promote things that we thought were cool, regardless of stature. Ever since then, we have been trudging along, doing our best to “help out the little guy” and highlighting things that we have felt deserve attention.

“If you have a voice, we want to hear it!” What does that mean? If you are a musician, author, film maker, local craftsman, comic writer, actor, hometown hero, poet, athlete, model, or anyone else on the planet that just has an interesting story, then we want hear it so we can share it with the rest of the world. In the true spirit of our name, we’ll cover just about anything you’d talk about in a bar with friends, so long as it’s tangentially related to entertainment. We stick to “bar rules” though: no religion or politics.

If you are a writer or an editor that has the skills or the desire to help get a good story out into the public, we want you on our team, regardless of how much experience you have. Not all of us are professional journalists. Many of us slave away at day jobs we hate for little money. What we are, however, is passionate. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve never faltered from the goal within our motto.

If you are a critic, then we certainly want to hear from you! If you think we are terrific, terrible, awesome, awful, or just have any kind of opinion on what we do, then be sure to let us know about it. We’re not too snobby to blow off criticism, especially if it’s constructive.

Hearing is one of the most precious senses that humans have and Randomville believes that everyone has something interesting to say, even if it’s not verbal, if you just pay close enough attention. We can’t promise that we’ll always publicize every interesting story or opinion that comes our way, but we’ll do the best we can with the staff that we have. Always feel free to send us ideas to randomville@randomville.com.

Welcome to Randomville. Enjoy your stay.




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