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Amanda Palmer featuring Estradasphere

October 24, 25, 27

608 Space, Seattle WA

October 28

Portland, OR

(This review culled from the October 24 show only)

Some time last year, Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls fame happened upon a Boston club with her friend Jason Webley for a late night meal, but emerged with some new friends who would unequivocally prove to be a fated discovery.

Her new friends make up a five-piece instrumental band from Northern California called Estradasphere. After hearing them play that night at the club, Amanda immediately fell in love with their unique sound, a jazzy fusion of sorts. Estradasphere play intricate and complex compositions, blending the sounds of jazz, traditional gypsy, metal, pop, and yes, video game theme songs. The musicians are all prodigies in their own right, and have the capability to mesh several genres back to back with ferocious speed and hairpin changes.
Collaboration was in order, and after many months of emails, it came to fruition in late October at a string of shows in Seattle and Portland.
Photo credit: Jessica Warren

The Seattle shows were held in Estradasphere’s new studio slash living space, unassuming (a flat wall) from the outside, large and incredibly unique on the inside. Before the show, Amanda sent each ticket holder an email requesting that we bring a housewarming gift to the Californians turned Washingtonians. The gifts were quite offbeat and included a My Little Pony, and a mannequin head that was passed around with a Sharpie marker for the audience to leave their own art.

The sold-out show (all three nights were sold-out) of no more than 100 people was unbelievably intimate and proved Amanda’s love for her fans. She talked with fans both before and after the set, and even had people in the front row help her with taping flowers to her keyboard during setup. The audience sat comfortably on the floor with cushy pillows, and participated in idle chatter with the band during set changes and in between songs.
Combining Amanda’s creative lyrics and Estradasphere’s unconventional sounds with innovative stage settings made for an energetic and at some points, erotic vaudeville show of sorts. Most all of the material was new, surely to be from her forthcoming solo release. Palmer and Estradasphere created the renditions for these special shows, though a few Dresden Dolls songs made it into the set, of course. One Dresden Dolls track of note was Coin-Operated Boy, featuring an accordion and several audience members acting out the song with Amanda, impromptu, from a separate room.
Estradasphere also had a video team working for them throughout the night. The team projected portions of the show that took place in remote locations of the studio onto the walls for all to see. For one of the songs, Estradasphere left the stage and Amanda slipped into the bathroom and out of her clothes. A few minutes of curious mumbling from the show goers was quickly hushed as the image of Amanda lying in the bathtub surrounded by candles appeared on the blank wall above. The soft tinkering sound of pianos echoed from down the hallway to accompany Amanda’s image. Estradasphere played the pianos from the front room, hidden from sight, sending music vibrating into the main stage area to create a soothing and haunting lullaby.

A collaboration release between Amanda and Estradasphere would appeal to fans of both bands and will hopefully be pursued, seeing that their meshed styles make for a beautiful combination of music and lyrics, as proven by the absolutely breathtaking show.

Photo credit: Jessica Warren

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