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So Apple has now purchased Lala.

The interesting point in this article is leaving people wondering what will happen to the pre-negotiated deals Lala has had with customers in which they purchase the rights to stream a song for ten cents and can then stream it repeatedly for as long as they want. Will that now go away with Apple in command?

Well, the folks over at the WOXY Messageboards opened a shit storm of opinions on the subject, with some people even accusing Apple of destroying the music industry….which is pretty far-fetched.

But keep in mind that our beloved WOXY was once (fairly recently) owned by Lala so it’s hard to imagine what might have happened to the station (again) had they still been affiliated with Lala.

For me, I never once streamed a song on Lala. And for a long time I was trading cd’s with other people on there and that was a great service. But I have to admit I have gotten lazy and haven’t done that for almost two years.

Personally, I think it’s probably a good move because there are some creative minds over at Lala and I’ve met and spoken at length with one of their top dogs. They know what they are doing and I feel like if anything, Apple just brought some people on board who will not only make Apple stronger, but will likely make the music technology business much better for consumers.


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