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Yesterday was the annual Greenwood Phinney Artwalk here in Seattle and I got the chance to experience (and purchase) some art pieces from some truly amazing artists.

While there were tons that I saw and appreciated, here are links to a few of the artists that I was really moved by yesterday and I highly recommend that you sample and purchase their work:

Pattie Christie: Patti departs from the tradition of pastel to boldly strike with the use of bright colors and undefined scenes. The splash of color intertwines with the softness that was evidenced in her earlier work. 


Sandy Novak:



Maria Coryell-Martin:




Taurini Designs: Taurini Designs was created by Stacy and Kristy Yawman. Kristy’s drawings and Stacy’s photography, are then framed and put on clothing, tote bags and jewelry and greeting cards. We use American Apparel brand clothing and use the American Apparel organic line for the baby & childrens clothing.


John Marzulli: Based in Seattle I shoot candid portraits, landscapes, small events and animals.



Jennifer Phillips:



Erika Eckert: (this was printed on stretched velvet material)


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