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Really sad to hear about an apparent suicide attempt by comic Artie Lange. When I had Sirius radio, I would listen to The Howard Stern show religiously, mostly because I wanted to hear Lange. The guy is hilarious. I’m not a big fan of his stand-up comedy, but he’s one of those guys that is just naturally funny and you can’t wait to hear what he has to say next.

Lange has been open about his substance (and food) addictions  for many years now so I guess this is not a huge surprise. But from what I had heard, he had cleaned up his act in the past year and lost a lot of weight also. He’s out-lived guys like John Belushi and Chris Farley, though he is often put into that category of “the next one.” I’m extremely sad as to how he tried to do this.  If you stab yourself repeatedly, then there are a lot more issues going on there than just wanting to die. Artie is a heroin addict, so if he really wanted to go, he could have just juiced up that final dose one last time. It almost sounds like a strange cry for help to me.

Two years ago I wrote this piece on Amy Winehouse because I was worried that she might die soon. I’m equally concerned for Artie Lange as I think he really has a gift in comedy. Amy is still alive, so hopefully that can happen for Artie also.

Best of luck to them both…and their families…still.

Artie Lange link provided by the New York Post

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