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This is the eleventh of twenty-six exclusive reviews of the A-Z Series by Northern Irish band Ash. Type “Ash” or “A to Z series” into our search engine to find our other articles on this topic.

There is always a time when a track your favorite band makes doesn’t grab you right away. You know, the one that for some reason doesn’t rub you the right way or even stands out, yet later comes into your mind throughout the day. If I had to state a time when I felt this way with a track than it’d have to be with the most recent addition to The A-Z Series.


“Song of your Desire” is Ash in one of their most vulnerable of states. The shrill sound of the guitars perfectly suits Tim Wheeler’s vocals as Mark Hamilton’s bassline creates the image of being submerged in water. Despite all these elements working together, the track doesn’t come across as strong at all. It is atmospheric in a distinctive way but doesn’t leave much of an impression on you once it’s done.

The lyrics feel to speak as a love letter to one’s emotions rather than a person. This knowledge allows Wheeler’s yearning-esque vocals to hit right on the mark and allow the imagery of the man tugging your shoulder for your attention even more apparent. You can identify with this track if you’ve ever wanted someone to listen yet didn’t know how to place all of the words properly, hence the track’s poetic yet disjointed feeling it presents.

Our guest is Italian based graphic designer Elisa Della Tor. She can be most recognized for providing alternative cover designs for the A-Z Series.


Randomville: What do you feel “Song of your Desire” is about?

Elisa Della Tor: “Song of your Desire” is a little poem of love; nice to read and sweet to listen to. A song that arrives to me as imperceptible as a scent, as a gold ray of light, and as a sweet desire that doesn’t hurt. This is a song that I love among all the others!

Randomville: You have designed a lot of Ash related designs. How would you say their music influences and inspires you?

Elisa Della Tor: I must premise that I’m an old Ash fan. I am 33 and I have listened to them since 1994, the same year my passion for the graphics was born which ultimately made it become my work. Music and art are my more great passions; it’s born naturally inside me and in a way became my life to combine my passions. Ash’s songs have been the soundtracks of my life; a lot of songs feel as though they belong to me in such an explicit way. This engraved love for Ash that I have, their songs often act as the mirror to my soul, and for much more reasons explain how Ash inspires me.


Randomville: What makes you stand out in the designing world?

Elisa Della Tor: I feel what attracts me can be transformed into art (photos, music, books, architecture, etc.) Everything that expresses emotions, but I’m not an artist; what I do is pure passion and instinct, and that I feel is indefinable.

Randomville: Who do you mainly design for? (Where do you work?)

Elisa Della Tor: I’m freelance, so unfortunately much free now! My work’s tools are my reflex-digital, my macbook and my hands.

Randomville: What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Elisa Della Tor: The freedom.  Your work truly reflects not only what you like but who you are, and designing provides that freedom.


Randomville: Do you yourself play any musical instruments?

Elisa Della Tor: Only the doorbell!

Randomville: What Ash track do you listen to the most and why?

Elisa Della Tor:Twilight of the Innocents” is my absolute favorite, and not only because it’s by Ash. I think it’s a great song with massive lyric structure, which is complimented by how all instruments create a perfect harmony. It’s so exciting!


Randomville: How would you describe the change in Ash’s sound from when they began in 1992 to now?

Elisa Della Tor: The changes are significantly different; Ash are in an obvious continuous evolution, but every evolution and new experimentation is very appreciated by fans, as evidenced by the fact that their fans range from about fourteen to thirty-five! There are songs that will remain in the history such as “Shining Light,” “A Life Less Ordinary“, “Meltdown“, “Girl From Mars“, and “Twilight of the Innocents” (hell that whole album really!) brings a new maturity, and the new A-Z Series continues just that! Tracks like “Joy Kicks Darkness“, “Arcadia“, “Neon” seamlessly continues to satisfy our appetite!

Randomville: Do you ever feel the band’s sound is too different from once they began? And if so do you believe this to be a good or bad thing?

Elisa Della Tor: I think it’s normal and good that a band evolve and experience different ways to produce music. Ash has been making “noise” for a long time, so some change is obvious. I think they have tried new sounds ever since getting together back in Downpatrick and they seem to not only strive off of that but also continue to love doing so very much.


NOTE: The band are playing a rare NYC show on April 3rd @ Santos Party House. To get tickets (which are only $8!) follow the link!

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