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My cousin is the king of quick comments and texting with him always puts me in a good mood. On Monday I officially became an Ordained Minister. A Reverend. Because I’ve been asked to marry some friends. When I sent him a text, without missing a beat, he replied: “As long as you dress like Brother Love and give it an I loooove yooooou!” I laughed really hard, and giggled for about another ten minutes afterwards.


My cousin and I were avid WWF fans as kids, so few would probably get that reference in our circle of friends besides he and I.   Do you know who Brother Love was? Out of boredom, I decided to YouTube some old Brother Love footage. As you’ll see here, I forgot just how annoying that “I LOVE YEWW!” is:

However it was pleasing to watch The Ultimate Warrior go into a roid-rage and beat the tar out of Brother Love here:


Perhaps I will pull the Brother Love routine at the wedding. Yet perhaps not.

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