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After their set this afternoon, blues rock duo My Goodness were signing autographs in a merch booth. “I’ve never done this kind of thing before,” admitted drummer Ethan Jacobsen about signing autographs for kids. Asked if he had gotten anything signed, he says that he met B.B. King when he was a kid and got his autograph on a ticket stub, but he lost it by accident during a move.

Smoking a cigarette (a Pall Mall to be exact), Jacobsen and I chatted about Radiohead performances for a bit, while singer/guitarist Joel Schneider finished up greeting fans. And there were a lot: My Goodness sold a lot of their self-titled cd’s after their show today.

With rock stars, you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they can be strung out, or moody as they have a lot on their minds. But I’m happy to report that My Goodness are a couple of guys who had smiles the whole time I was with them and they were really polite to anyone they met. You can tell they seem a little surprised at how quick the fame thing is happening, however they don’t seem overwhelmed.

(L/R) Joel Schneider and Ethan Jacobsen

Randomville: So are you guys sick about being compared to The Black Keys yet? 

Ethan Jacobsen: No, I love them.

Joel Schneider: We’re just compared to them because we’re a two-piece, but I think we’re a little heavier.


Rv: Well and that could be to your advantage because if people think you sound like them and they like The Black Keys’ music, then they might come check you out too.

E.J.: Yeah, and we didn’t go into this with The Black Keys or any other blues duo in mind. We met at Neumo’s where we used to work together and we used to go back to his place to play together and he started doing blues stuff.

J.S.: We weren’t planning on a band coming out of this but there was an employee band night at Neumo’s one night and we thought “Why not?”


Rv: Ethan are you even much of a blues fan since we were talking a lot about Radiohead? 

E.J.: He’s turned me on to a lot of blues stuff but I’ve always wanted to just be in a rock and roll band.

Rv: I found your new album on Spotify. Was that your choice to go on there or the label’s (Sarathan Records) choice? 

J.S.: That’s the label. We just learned about Spotify when we were in Denver on this last tour, from a friend of ours.


Rv: Do you agree with it? 

E.J.: I’m down, yeah.


Rv: So you guys probably haven’t seen a cut of that yet if you barely even knew you were on there?

J.S.: Not yet, but we haven’t seen any, we…

E.J.: We haven’t seen any money (laughter from both).


Rv: You guys are probably still working day jobs, right?

J.S.: Yeah, I’m still bartending at Neumo’s.

E.J.: I’m currently un-employed.


Rv: Jeff Ament (from Pearl Jam) has a side band called Tres Mts. and he had you guys open for him.

J.S.: Yeah that was really cool. We just got an email from him very randomly and we had only played a few shows before that.

E.J.: It was really short notice.

J.S.: Yeah, only about two weeks in advance.

Rv: Of course you guys just happened to be free that night?

J.S.: Sure we can make it happen! (laughs)


Rv: So nothing in the plans for opening for Pearl Jam?

J.S.: (Laughs) No


Rv: But you’ll be free if that happens to come up?

E.J.: That would be awesome and yeah we can be free!

Two cute women show up who were not at the show but recognize the band and would like their cd to be signed. They are giving the band flirtatious looks. Joel is suddenly occupied.


Rv: Who is the best band in Seattle? 

E.J.: I love Whalebones. Ravenna Woods is awesome. Uh, Champagne Champagne.


Rv: You’re supposed to say My Goodness.

E.J.: Wha (we both laugh)…


Rv: How long have you guys been playing together anyway? 

E.J.: Well, uh, a year and a half. It will be two years in January.


Now Ethan is distracted with the women and signing


Rv: Has writing gotten more difficult than when you started?

J.S.: No we usually write together and just start off of some riffs. I  won’t have lyrics for a while and just make that up after a while.


The women leave and attention is back on the interview.


Rv: How long did it take you to record your album? 

E.J.: Seven days. I’d like to do it again and I’d rather not spend a whole lot of time on it. The studio’s weird man.


Rv: So those girls were pretty cute. Is rock and roll getting you laid yet or what?

J.S.: (Long laugh)

E.J.: Ah geez. That is a… that’s… I can’t (laughs).


It’s possible My Goodness will have a show announced this coming week in Seattle. You should check back on their website soon to see…

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