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A young woman in her early 20s was walking around backstage in big heels, a puffed up dress, a lot of makeup and had the Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction bangs going on. I felt like this might be Jessica Lea Mayfield, but if so, she looked a LOT different that the last time I saw her in person. Then she sat on a couch and began writing “Baby Jessica’s Wine” on the bottle she had been drinking from. I knew it was her after that.

Backstage, the accent that she adopts on stage wasn’t around and she was very bubbly, joking and goofing around with all of her band mates. The sad, searching soul that looms in her songs was no where in sight. She probably checked her makeup at least twice in the ten minutes I sat there.

Approached about a possible interview before her show, she said maybe after the show, but that she doesn’t like to talk about herself before her show. This seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to continue my Bumbershoot tradition of giving a goofy, quick, multiple choice interview.

Randomville: Water or wine?

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Wiiinne.


Rv: Tea of coffee?

JLM: Wine (Laughs).

Rv: That’s not one of the options!

JLM: It depends on the…


Rv: Quickly…

JLM: Tea.


Rv: Country or city?

JLM: Country.


Rv: Recording or Performing li…

JLM: Recording.


Rv: Dan Auerbach or Patrick Carney? [Editor’s Note: Black Key, Auerbach helped launch her career]

JLM: Ahhhooohhhhhh.


Rv: You gotta answer the question.

JLM: I guess, I guess, if I gotta choose from one of…


Rv: Quickly…

JLM: Dan.


Rv: Country or folk?

JLM: Um, country.


Rv: Barbecue or veggies?

JLM: Barbecue.


Rv: Democrat or Republican?

JLM: Democrat, sorta. In a “I don’t really care” kind of way.


Rv: Heels or sandals

JLM: Heels.


Rv: Punk or rap?

JLM: Rap.


Rv: Jack White or Meg White?

JLM: Jack White.


Rv: Rv: Cell phone on or off?

JLM: Off…in the trash can.


Rv: Sunset or sunrise?

JLM: Uh, sunrise.


Rv: Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin?

JLM: (Pause) Um, god. Um, no.


Rv: Answer the question.

JLM: No, I’m not choosing one of them.


Rv: That’s part of your interview, you have to choose one!

JLM: Um, Michelle.


Rv: Tomato or cheese?

JLM: Tomato. They’re my favorite.


Rv: Singing or guitar playing?

JLM: Singing.


Rv: Beach or woods?

JLM: Woods.


Rv: Big Bird or Cookie Monster?

JLM: Cookie Monster. Hands down (laughs).


Rv: Sleep in or start the day?

JLM: Sleep in.


Rv: IPA or Bud Light?

JLM: Bud Light (in a direct voice).


Rv: Smoking or non?

JLM: Non.


Rv: Cake or ice cream?

JLM: Ice cream.


Rv: Pac Man or Mario?

JLM: Mario. Kart.


Rv: Green or red?

JLM: Red.


Rv: Karen Carpenter or Jesus the Carpenter?

JLM: Karen (laughs).


Rv: Hot or cold?

JLM: Um, hot.


Rv: East Coast or West Coast?

JLM: East Coast.


Rv: Chocolate or vanilla?

JLM: Chocolate.


Rv: Waiting or hurrying?

JLM: Hurrying.


Rv: Beard or clean shaven?

JLM: Clean, shaven!


Rv: Cats or dogs?

JLM: Dogs.


Rv: That’s it.

JLM: Awesome! High five! (hands smack)



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