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Bumbershoot 2009 is now a thing of the past but below we have a large log of the world we lived for three days. Take some time to read it over as there are some great reviews, awesome images and exclusive interviews. We have another thread for just photos where the REAL pros are at!!!


So far the alleged rain has held off and it’s a pleasant afternoon. Got started a little later than I wanted to and I also forgot my cord to upload pictures from my camera, so my photos won’t be up until later tonight.  So yeah, words only for me for a while today…..BOO!!  Matt will be adding his photos to a separate photo thread in a little bit.

Kim Field and The Mighty Titans of Tone started off my day in a sleek grassy area. I’m always impressed with a drummer who simultaneously sings, and I’m always a sucker for the harmonica. They are a party blues band that had an older crowd whooping it up down in the front while all the kids were busy going to see Katy Perry. It was a nice adult vibe for a warm up. Field’s band is talented, though no more exciting than most bands that travel through your local blues club…if you have one. A cover of Ray Charles’ “Unchain My Heart” was pleasant.

I had been checking out an art sculpture made of tree branches, a TV, tennis racket, and other odd things. Then I met the husband of the artist Julie Lindell. He said that she collects waste that humans have discarded and tries to re-birth them. I’ll have photos of this posted tonight.

I went indoors to see The Flatstock Rock Poster display (while happily listening to the reggae of Adrian Xavier outside). Really amazing rock posters from both local and national (and international) shows for sale.  One of the artists I met here was Jon Smith. Once again, I’ll have photos of this stuff up later tonight.

Back to the music!!

We Are Goldenhas a singer with some serious pipes  that sound stronger than Annie Lennox. Her 7-piece calm band meshed well with the sit down crowd next to Key Arena (old home of The Sonics). I saw a kid with a tattoo of MOM on his neck. The band was okay, but I was kind of bored and needed something a little more upbeat like some funk or loud rock.

As I waited to see Mayer Hawthorne & The County, I have to comment on this woman I’ve seen often. She has the HUGEST rack at Bumbershoot. Now I know it’s kind of distasteful to mention, but these suckers are like size triple F and hanging out. Guarantee at least one reader comments on this that saw the woman as well.

Anyways, on to Mayer. The band came out in all black suits, and then Hawthorne followed dressed in grey khakis, a black cardigan sweater, and Buddy Holly glasses. The first thing I thought was “How is this white dude going to sing soul music?” Well, he did his homework. He has a big voice and can even hit ridiculous high notes a la Smokey Robinson. The sax player substituted to the flute once in a while as their ripe sound mixed old school Chess Records music with soul music and maybe even a blend of Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” at times for comparison. The crowd ate it up, and the lawn was packed. And a few teenagers next to me SMOKED it up! Those kids will probably be high until November. Fantastic band and their debut album drops on Tuesday, so check them out.

I stopped by The Rockstar Vert Ramp to watch some skateboarding, a love I’ve had since I was a skater punk in junior high. Eugene Mirman’s (Flight of the Conchords) comedy show was billed to have a “Mystery Guest.” And that guest ended up being SARAH SILVERMAN! The crowd (in the comedy theatre) erupted, to say the least. I’ve seen Silverman before and wasn’t too impressed, but she was much better this time.

I’ve known that she is somewhat crude, and the truth is that she’s VERY crude! Close to half of her show was based on pussy, and she even played a song (she did a few on acoustic guitar) where the chorus was simply: cunt. Asking the crowd if they have any problems that need fixed, she made fun of a guy who said he can’t get a girlfriend and it was quite funny. She also said we should just sell The Vatican and use that money to help solve world hunger. As she was complaining about having to leave the stage, she tripped and fell (on the beach/boardwalk theme stage) on the stairs, with the mic rolling under the stairs. Her act was flighty and I was losing interest at times, but ultimately she was very good.

Eugene Mirman didn’t do much for me at all but saying that religion is not a leap of faith, yet high functioning autism was funny. At the end of his show he handed out cards to the crowd to give to their fathers which consisted of scriptures that were non-appropriate and usually based around Robin Williams films. Looks like it dumped rain while I was at the comedy show, but I dodged another bullet there.

On tap for tonight: Old 97’s, Elvis Perkins and De La Soul!!

One thing that was certainly noticeable today was that the attendance was down. A lot. Maybe it was the fear of rain, bad economy or the line-up (Day one was considered the weakest of the three…) but there simply weren’t bad crowds. That’s usually one of my biggest complaints, so it makes me happy this year, though that’s not great for the festival. With that said, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a dense crowd at The Main Stage as was there for The Old 97’s.

Well, they were okay. They dabble into country, rockabilly and Elvis Costello, though I wouldn’t call them confined to any of them. A little bit of Merle Haggard spiced things up somewhat, but ultimately it was just a bland show and I didn’t stay for long.

Instead I moved up to catch Elvis Perkins in Dearlandand I couldn’t have gotten there a minute sooner! Any fan of Devandra Banhart is probably already aware of Perkins. Apparently John Russell of Cold War Kids is familiar with them too as he joined them onstage a couple of times during their set.

Hearing the foursome harmonize together was hands-down my favorite parts all night. Though the fact that they had a harmonica, flute, stand up bass, accordion, trumpet and trombone at times also isn’t too shabby either. During “Emile’s Vietnam in the Skies,” Perkins looked like Dylan up there as he sang some in French a little bit. Watching them all collaborate with Russell during “Stop Drop Rock and Roll” (off of their upcoming EP Doomsday,)  made me think that this might have been what watching The Traveling Wilbury’s was like.

A very touching moment was them singing “He Rose” in the form of sacred harp. Hearing them sing “They crucified my Savior, and nailed Him to the cross” helped me label them as a harmonic folk band. Midway through the song they had the crowd clapping as the song turned into a Southern, barnyard boogie jam. Hands down my favorite band for Saturday!

A full moon was peaking out through the clouds as I rushed over to catch the beginning of De La Soul. They started it off by reminding us that 3 Feet High and Rising was twenty years old. Whoa boy that made me feel kinda old! The Hip Hop greats of the early 90s ran us through new material as well as oldies from 3 Feet and De La Soul is Dead. This was the only Hip Hop I heard all day, but it was all I needed to hear.

The call and response they shared with the crowd was a lot of fun as thousands of hands were constantly in the air and in sync. Yelling out “Party over here, fuck em’ over there!” was a blast. Of course the crowd went crazy for “Me, Myself and I” and while all three main members were entertaining, Maseo was the best as his energy was through the roof. After their encore song of “Ring Ring Ring (ha Ha Hey)” they let each member of their backing band, The Rhythm Roots All-Stars, take their shots at solos on their respected instruments. And while the backing band was great, the best was when they were 2 MC’s and 1 D.J. All I can say is De La Soul ain’t dead.



Art by Julie Lindell:



Rock posters by Dan Stiles:


Rock posters by Jon Smith:



Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas:


Mayer Hawthorne and The County:






Comedy stage where Sarah Silverman eventually fell:


The Old 97’s:


The Moon and The Needle:



The festival doesn’t start for another hour and I’ve already had one friend decide to cancel plans on coming here. I’m sitting in the press room letting my rain-resistant (sadly, not proof…) rain gear dry out and a buddy will be bringing me new socks later as mine are already screwed from the two-block walk to get here. If this keeps it up, not only will attendance be down today, but seeing any outdoor shows might be questionable…

Kore Ionz

Kore Ionz

5pm: I finally went outside today and checked out the percussion-heavy reggae band Kore Ionz. Think of the old Sublime jam sessions (especially the guitar solos) but without the punk, ska or pop. When they began there was probably about thirty people around, but after the second song, a crowd of about a couple hundred existed. Great band but I cut out early to go see The Cold War Kids.

Kore Ionz

Kore Ionz

By this point it was freezing outside with high winds and still some mist spitting on us at times. CWK was playing the Samsung Main Stage, which is a converted arena from a high school football stadium that has astro turf. Being that, they covered the field with red carpet, and guess what: The carpet absorbed all of the rain and was soaked, further drenching my shoes and socks. So I stayed at a distance and hung out way up in the stands.

The soaked floor at Cold War Kids

The soaked floor at Cold War Kids

But the band got people rocking with “Something Is Not Right With Me” as guitarist Jon Russell quickly sat down at the keyboards during mid-song. Clearly the force of this band is the pipes of singer Nathan Willett who has such a unique voice that hits high notes that really soar far and out of the stadium, which is much more impressive live than on album. I wasn’t sure how their sound would work at such a big venue, but they have plenty of multi-instruments and pep to pull it off. I walked away happy listening to their ballad of “We Used To Vacation.”

No, Thanks

No, Thanks

With the insane weather out today, I decided to alter my schedule and check out a lot of things indoors today. First on the list was Picture and Sound:
Music Videos
. First up was the song “Naked” by Radiohead (In Rainbows) that bounced back and forth from a child watching his parents fight to him remembering the good times with his mother in another time at a park. A strange video with the music of Damien Jurardo with a surgery death scene out in a country home in the 1900s. In another, The Dutchess and The Duke are up against a wall that is depicting the (sometimes gruesome) lyrics to their song “Mary,” and this was a comical, yet canny video.

A fantastic video involved Modest Mouse (“Whale Song”) with clever animation where we were following music notes on a journey and then it switches to the band playing, with trick camera work where the band is actually on their backs instead of floating. Then things went sour with a documentary about local Anacortes (outside of Seattle) band The Lonely Forest. It was basically a mini-profile with cool views of Seattle and clouds. Low res filming about an average pop band. Next was a video for band Surface Tension in a song called “We Fell” in which they display their crappy Tool-ripping abilities while jamming out in the woods…which is pretty standard, right?

This was fixed by clay animation going along with The Fleet Foxes showing them all aging, as well as plants and life growing. It was very fitting. Then a video by a band called The Cove with “I Wish I Was Dead” and this was actually worse than the Surface Tension song! It was full of computer animation of brains, eyes in doors, destruction and of course, a female of desire. You can probably You Tube to find most of these videos, or check out the website.

Staying with the indoor theme, I next went to a reading and interview with author S.E. Hinton (The Outsiders, Rumble Fish).  Hearing her good stories of working with Matt Dillon, Frances Ford Coppola, Lawrence Fishburne and Tom Cruise in her films was just as entertaining as hearing her dis and talk about how terrible it was to work with both a young Mickey Rourke and Nicholas Cage (both in Rumble Fish). She claimed that reading about Hercules killing a lion was a mythology inspiration for writing Rumble Fish. Coppola would never let her change something from the book for the movie even if she wanted to. He was very strict on keeping it original.

S.E. Hinton

S.E. Hinton

On the young boys in The Outsiders(Crusie, Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, etc.) she said there was no ego or backstabbing between any of them (mostly teenagers) and she basically became their mother, which wore her down emotionally and physically, though she did enjoy it. Halfway through filming that movie, she let Coppola read Rumblefish and then he became inspired to make that film also. She also said that Dillon came to her, requesting the part of Rusty James in Rumble Fish.

Throughout the session we saw clips of both movies, and we also heard readings to break down both Rumble Fish and her newer Tim’s Stories. During the QnA with the crowd, she said that both Coppola and Tim Hunter (Tex) asked for her input on making the films and wanted her there. She also said she couldn’t believe the success of The Outsiders, especially when teachers were telling her that their kids would read her material when they wouldn’t read anything else previously. She also said that the characters in The Outsiders were all fictional, though Pony Boy was the closest character to her self that she’s ever written.  Oh, and that she also flunked a Creative Writing Class in high school.

So other than comedian David Cross indoors, I plan to finally go see live music the rest of the night. Check out the awesome pics Matt has taken!

After 1A.M.:


I’m told that Raphael Saadiq did a fantastic show at the private KEXP stage, though I missed it as I was updating info to the site. However I was in the mood for some Hip Hop and local Seattle group Common Marketquenched my thirst. It was obvious that attendance was way up today (shocking considering the cold, windy, rainy bad weather) and Common Market had almost just as big of a crowd as De La Soul the night before. They’re kind of like community unity Hip Hop. They had lots of theatrical side hands on the stage dressed in a mix of gangsta and goth black clothes with out of place face paint, sometimes imitating doing carpentry work or working on space ship equipment? Just strange theatrics. Then there was a death scene where RA Scion pretended to be strangled and killed. As his body lied there, a ballerina (his actual 13yr old daughter) danced around with balloons. And then the show ended with a birthday song to Scion’s daughter. But I was bothered that the show ended fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled; I’m pretty anal about set times going as planned as I spend a lot of time preparing who I’ll see.


One word people had been saying all weekend long was Franti. Michael Franti and Spearheadwas the show to see this weekend. What started off as some open space on the left side of the stage eventually became crammed with a sea of junior high kids rudely plowing their way towards the front of the stage. Cherine Anderson started off their set by singing “Redemption Song” and when Franti hit the stage, all hell broke loose. He had the whole crowd jumping; hands in the air; call and response, non-stop the whole night. “Hello Bonjour” was pure calypso fun. Everyone. Neutral. Diverse. Great. After a while I was having so much fun that the cramming kids all around me weren’t really a bother anymore and I kind of felt like one of them as we all focused on the music. Unity.

The crowd for Michael Franti

The crowd for Michael Franti

They mixed in parts of “Tainted Love” to a Jamaican beat and did the same with “Billy Jean.” The thing about Franti is that he has such a kind, loving heart. “There is life in this love and love in this life” he sang in “All I Want Is You.” He said that “I believe music travels over all borders, religions, whether you’re black, white, gay, straight, whatever.” And with that he launched into the song “Everyone Deserves Music.” This made it clear that Franti does what ALL musicians are really supposed to be doing in the first place: Entertaining for people to enjoy!

I don’t remember which song it was, but when he screamed the words “I’M ALIVE!!” at the top of his lungs, not only did it give me shivers up my spine, but nearly tears to my eyes as well. Without getting too personal, I’m a person who is grateful to be alive as well because of things that I’ve experienced, so to hear this being screamed, those words in passion and meaning….whoa. It was practically a spiritual experience.

Just when it seemed like things had hit a peak, he brought kids (including his own) on stage to dance around as the band jammed out (Franti and his son even did The Moonwalk). During “Say Hey (I Love You)” he even brought out Jason Mraz to sing along and dance with the kids. This was the best show I’ve seen yet this weekend and if it can be topped, then I’m in for a real treat!

Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen

I’ve seen Brett Dennen a couple of times and it’s a great show, but he had a big act to follow from what I had just experienced. I liked when he played “oldies” like “Ain’t No Reason” but I wasn’t much impressed with his latest album Hope For The Hopeless and he played a lot of it tonight. His voice almost sounds whiny to me in these songs and I feel like he’s drowned out too much by the band. He’d be so much better as a solo acoustic artist. It was an okay show, but there wasn’t a big crowd as he had to compete with Jason Mraz and Raphael Saadiq.

So midway through, I also moved over to see Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Toné!). To start off, I know it’s wrong, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the guy kind of looks like Steve Urkel. But don’t let looks betray as he has a clean and fresh, high pitch voice that goes well with the other eight people on stage. The crew (all dressed in matching black suits) is a tad more energetic than The Jackson 5, though they are torn from the same cloth and they have just a touch of funk.  The back-up singers were in perfect sync as they were swinging and in full motion all night.

Not only can Saadiq entertain and work a crowd, but I’ll bet he can make all the women smile at his church on a Sunday morning as well. This kind of showed when he sang “Let’s dance tonight; let’s get freaky tonight.” One of his backup singers is a real sexy, energetic fireball with a huge voice and I had a look of lust for her all night.

The rain had held off most of the night but I began to feel sprinkles and the wind was picking up with about twenty minutes left in Saadiq’s show, so I decided to play it safe and head out. But I’d love to see him in a smaller venue and keep in mind that artists like Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone and Jay-Z all helped out on his latest Grammy-nominated album The Way I See It. This guy is pretty damn good…


Started off my day with a smile as I saw a guy with a WOXY shirt on while in line for the intimate, Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears‘ show live on KEXP. Turns out that he’s not only familiar with that big station (originally) from my home town, but he’s also very familiar with Randomville already!

BJL played songs like “Sugarfoot,” I’m Broke,” and “Big Booty Woman.” It took them a little bit to really get into it at the crack of noon, but eventually they woke up and it was hilarious watching the brass section act like they were grabbing onto a big booty to the lyrics “Want to touch it.” I’m sure nobody else has noticed, but I get these quirky things: All members have glasses except two guys. Weird. I also noticed that their guitarist was hiding a Sonics shirt underneath his coat. Not the basketball team, but the kinda-local garage rock legends. The show ended with a standing ovation!

BJL brass section later in the day

BJL brass section later in the day

But then things got dreary for me as my photographer Matt texted me to inform me that he has the flu. Disaster! Luckily I know another great photographer lurking around the festival named Ryan, so he’s going to fill in the rest of the day.

We’re still working out the kinks on how to post his photos so it might not happen until later tonight, but we’ll make it work. I’ll try to post when I can today but I’m really going to have to tighten up my shoe laces for the rest of this day.

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Black Joe Lewis

Backstage before their second show today, The Honeybears are playing Ms. Pacman and chomping down on some free food. Frontman Black Joe Lewis eventually arrives for an interview looking tired and he’s just as skinny as he looks. In fact, I felt like I was going to break his wrist when I shook his hand.

Randomville: You have a whole new brass section and they’ve only been with you a couple of weeks. What brought on the changes?

Black Joe Lewis: We just felt like we needed some changes. The guys’ schedules were pressing while we’re on the road. They’re married or whatever and we’re not really making a lot of money right now so it just didn’t work out.

Rv: So how do you just go find a new brass section?

BJL: I think Zach (Ernst) saw them playing at Central Market and they really just picked up on things really quickly after only a few practices.

Rv: How do you feed so many mouths while on tour? (They are an 8-piece band)

BJL: It’s tough, but we just do it. After about two weeks we start getting sick of it.

Rv: Well how do you pay the bills at home?

BJL: We have enough to do that, but I guess if you’re married and such you have to bring in a little more. Luckily, all the rest of these guys in the band are single right now.

Rv: In your songs you talk about running from the police, angry husbands, big booty, etc. How many of those tales are true or is it all fiction?

BJL:  A lot of it’s fiction and I just make it up.

Rv: You probably wouldn’t tell me if they were true anyhow, would you?

BJL: (Laughs) Nah, probably not

Rv: You’re known to sound similar to James Brown and you have that yell to your singing. Are you worried about eventually losing it?

BJL: It hasn’t happened yet but I have thought about learning to take singing lessons to avoid that. But I’ve just never gotten around to it.

Rv: You guys dress up in suits for every show. Is that a pain in the ass keeping them clean and how do you do it?

BJL: Oh man, they just stink. They’re nasty. You air them out when you can, but actually I got lucky this time as I was able to do laundry at a couple of friends’ houses on the way up.

Rv: You once opened up for Little Richard. Did you get to meet him?

BJL: No, I didn’t even come close.

Rv: Was it like “Little Richard will not see you at this time?”

BJL: Yeah it was pretty much just like that.

Rv: You guys played seven times at SXSW this year. Don’t you get sick of your songs if you play them all week like that?

BJL: (Cringes his face) Yeah, I definitely get tired of it. I hate all of my songs. We’ve added one new song recently, but I really wish I had the ability to write like one new song a day.

Rv: Whose passing had more of an effect on you: James Brown or Michael Jackson?

BJL: James Brown. For Michael Jackson we bought a bottle, got really roasted, started yelling and almost got into this big fight with this guy in Massachusetts the night Jackson died. Nah, we didn’t do that (laughs) but we did buy a bottle to celebrate.

Rv: Are there any other artists you want to see today at the festival?

BJL: No. I’m just ready to go on to the next show in L.A. for The Craig Ferguson show and after that it’s over man. The tour is done.

After the interview I went to go see the end of The Knux‘ show where I found the Hip Hop duo (well, a trio today) having all the kids jumping with a cover of House of Pain’s “Jump.” Making kids jump in the rain is a talent. After that I finally caught some of the Mad Max dressed Flexion by Wise Fool New Mexico. It’s unique acrobatics and stretches performed to ambient music while most of the five women are wearing stilts.






Whoa boy, I’ve hit a wall. Not sure if it’s the yummy salmon burger I ate from The Ballard Brothers, but I could barely stay on my feet at the Dead Confederate show, so I came back to update before going to Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse.

The Knux with kids on the stage

The Knux with kids on the stage


Walking into this interview, these guys seemed very chill, just hanging out on a couch. The hip hop duo were really funny and surprisingly very conscious about how they look in photos. When I explained to them that this wasn’t a normal interview and that I would just say two things and they have to agree on one favorite, they were a little confused at first but then they said :”So you mean, like pussy or asshole?” Um, yeah, that’s how we play, I suppose. They are composed of brothers Kentrell “Krispy Kream” Lindsey and Alvin “Rah Almillio” Lindsey. Most answers are them combined, though they did differ at times.

Donuts or Pastries? Donuts

(They are originally from New Orleans) Gumbo or Po’ Boy? Gumbo.

(They had a song in one of those films) Harold or Kumar?Kumar

Kid or Play? Play!

Beastie Boys or Eminem? (small bit of questioning…)Beastie Boys

Rain or Snow? Rain

Black Eyed Peas or De La Soul? Black Eyed Peas

The Jackson 5 or Thriller? Thriller

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi

Obama or Martin Luther King? MLK

Reggie Bush or Drew Brees?Rah Almillo: I’m the wrong person to ask. Krispy Kream: Drew Brees. Although Reggie is with Kim Kardashian so I’ll go with him.

NFL or Ultimate Fighting? RA: I’ll say Ultimate Fighting, though it’s homo-erotic.

Big Booty or Super Thin? Super thin

The Rolling Stones or The Beatles? The Rolling Stones (simultaneous)

Interviews or Sleeping? RA: Sleeping. KK: I was interviewed by Hustler one time so I’ll say interviews if it’s Hustler. (Laughing)

Live Shows or Recording? Live shows

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Text Messaging or Phone Calls? Text messaging

Google or Bing? Google

Vinyl or Mp3? Vinyl

Education First or Healthcare First? Education

Dog or Cat? Dog

Pretzel or Cheetoh?Cheetoh

Laptop or Live Instruments? Live Instruments….both. Both.

Cold or Hot? KK: What do you mean, weather? Cold or Hot? Hot

Bass or Reverb?Reverb

Seattle or Los Angeles?KK: Eww. RA: Los Angeles

James Brown or Bob Marley? KK: Bob Marley. RA: James Brown for me

Rhyme or Beat? Rhyme

Beef or Chicken? Chicken

Beer or Liquor? Liquor (simultaneous)

Fergie or Pink? Pink. KK: Well are you talking looks or figure? Which do you prefer better?RA: Pink. KK: I prefer Fergie. (An argument ensues). KK: Fergie is fine as a mother fucker. She got ass. (Guest Drummer): She used to live down the street from my parents. Fergie has hips like a man.

Boxers or Briefs? Briefs

Army or Air Force? Army

George Bush or Richard Nixon? George Bush (KK will later proclaim Bush to be better than Obama because of his attitude…)

CNN or Fox News? CNN. Fuck Fox (simultaneously)

Running or Biking? Running

Italian Food or Mexican Food? Italian

Yo! MTV Raps or Soul Train? Yo! MTV Raps

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Independent or Mainstream? Independent

And with that, another very serious interview is in the books for Randomville!

After that I went to the always impressive EMP to see local hip hop act Champagne Champagne. Although hip hop is the theme, they are really heavy on the bass as their show is also intertwined with electronica. CC is really taking hip hop to new places. The EMP provided a 3D, sci-fi background on a humongous screen. The young crowd loved every song with great response and Pearl Dragon even walked on top of hands into the middle of the crowd ala Iggy Pop at the end of the show.

Champagne Champagne

Champagne Champagne



Dead Confederate singer Hardy Morris looks like Kurt Cobain on stage. I never saw Cobain, but I’ve seen video footage and a lot of photos. Morris has the hair in the eyes, neck stretched forward and even a cardigan sweater to go with it. And his high pitch voice is similar to Cobain’s when he would float on higher notes, but it is a big voice. And he looks all but seventeen years old…

The band does not play happy music. Think of a more rock and roll version of The Blackheart Procession with lyrics channeling Blue Oyster Cult with destiny and shit like that. They have a great drummer, their keyboard player looks like D-Day from Animal House, and they sound great when they all combine for hard hitting notes. But their songs do sound rather similar and I got bored after about four songs.

So far today I’ve been lucky with dodging almost all rain as I’ve been indoors when it really came down. I downed a large Red Bull while typing this, so I’m going to go make my way into a sea of people for both Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse…

After midnight:

Franz Ferdinand were fantastic and I have to admit that my expectations were low because I haven’t really dug any of their music since their self-titled album. But newer songs like “Turn It On” and even “Do You Want To” won me over. During the latter song, they substituted keyboards with singing the “Dew Dew” parts. Older songs I like such as “This Fire” (at a faster pace) and “Take Me Out” had some serious energy behind them. I was really deep in a crowd of kids, but was partying my ass off.


Franz Ferdinand

WHAM! That’s what I knew next. Apparently I got hit at the top of my shoulders which luckily forced my chin down and only the top of my head hit the back of the head of the guy in front of me. Had I been hit in maybe the lower back, then my face would have smashed into that guy, leading to Lord only knows for injuries. It seems a group of teen boys decided they were going to train and plow through anyone in their path to rush the stage and I happened to be in their way. When I realized this, my first thought was the leader (about fifteen feet away) of the pack: Seek and Destroy. But quickly I remembered my backpack filled with my laptop and a lot of other important things which was now about a full person’s length behind me and being trampled. Instantly I started shoving and knocking these kids off-balance in order to retrieve my bag, which I successfully did. Funny thing is, THEY actually seemed annoyed that I would disrupt THEM and fight back a little! Either I’m just getting older, or kids are getting more ignorant. All I’ll say is that they are lucky I’m as mild-mannered as I am…

Kids crowd-surfing at Franz Ferdinand

Kids crowd-surfing at Franz Ferdinand

All the energy that Franz Ferdinand delivered wasn’t enough to keep me elevated for Modest Mouse.  They opened with “The Good Times Are Killing Me” and watching Johnny Marr play was good, as well as hearing their awesome percussion set. And not to take away from the playing of Isaac Brock as he sounded fine, but I just don’t think that their music is stadium music, which is where the stage was at as they were the Bumbershoot closers. Modest Mouse is known to stay on the same rhythm for long periods of time and even when it does change, it might be creative and fitting, but it’s not always exciting; which is something you need for such a big crowd. I only caught the first half of their set and I only hope for the crowd’s sake that the band played old goodies like “Cowboy Dan” and “Doin’ The Cockroach.” I wanted to stick around to hear more of their new songs from No One’s First and You’re Next, but figured I’d probably rather hear it via album than stadium anyhow. I was too far away for the show to be intimate yet if I want to cram to see them play, I’d rather it be in an indoor venue that only holds 500-800 people, tops.

So alas, another Bumbershoot is in the books. I can’t tell you all of my favorite moments in an order because there are a lot, but musically, I was really touched by Michael Franti, Elvis Perkins, Black Joe Lewis, Raphael Saadiq, Franz Ferdinand, and plenty others. Just re-read this thread and you’ll see what I liked and did. One of the biggest thrills was meeting strangers who were already familiar with Randomville, which tells me that word is spreading and people like the content we produce. THANK YOU to the folks of Bumbershoot (especially Jen) who not only made this whole thing work, but also invited us back. A big thanks to my two photographers Matt (get well buddy!) and Ryan for an amazing job. As usual, I met TONS of great people and there is no way I can remember all of their names but it was certainly a pleasure!

My body is aching and stinking at this late hour and my apartment looks like the police raided it because it’s so trashed. But that’s what Bumbershoot does to you if you take it in at full capacity, which I have done again.

And I love it.

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