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Each month we feature a new charity to share with our readers in hopes that they might donate to or at least spread the word to others for awareness. For April we chose Livestrong.com.

Spring time is in full bloom and many people are deciding to get out and get active again. Need a little motivation? Or how about some fitness tips? Or exercises to do? Do you know your body fat percentage? Maybe some nutrition or vitamin advice? Want to find out what that new ache means?

You can find out ALL of this information and a LOT more on Livestrong.com. Considering The Lance Armstrong Foundation helped to form this website (the guy is an inspiration in too many ways) it’s no wonder that the site goes all out and has just about anything you could possibly need in the world of fitness. Spend some time checking out all that this site has to offer.

Now, Livestrong.com isn’t like our normal charities because they don’t accept donations, but if you can spread the word about this site and the wonderful things it has to offer to someone who might need and use it, then we feel that this is pretty much on par of charity work.

Look, we do things randomly around here, so this charity feature will run with us until mid/late May. That’s how we roll.

If you have an idea for a charity that you would like to have profiled on Randomville, then please contact us at randomville@randomville.com

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