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Our staff recently had a discussion about charitable giving. We’ve decided that each month we will feature a new charity to share with our readers beginning with this month’s organization:
Cells for Cells

We’ve all thought about it. What do we do with our old cell phones? Cells for Cells can help answer that question.

Back in 2005 after both founders (Jason Clements and Aaron Randel) lost family members to cancer, they decided to get creative in a way that could benefit others in similar situations. “It was the little acts of kindness from friends and strangers that meant the most to me – the dinners, the pats on the back, the heart-felt, ‘I am really sorry for your loss’,” Jason explains.

In their first two years, efforts brought in $20,000 which went directly to the Patient Financial Aid Fund of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Money raised provides assistance for costs associated with patients’ medicines, blood screenings, transportation and cancer treatment. What’s exciting is how easy it is to help in this effort.

The value of cell phones changes quickly. This is why the organization recycles the phones themselves. Phone chargers are also accepted, and you can find more info about this in their FAQ. If you decide to participate, feel free to ask how your donation was used; some of the folks they have helped are featured on their blog.

You can get your company involved or challenge a group of friends to donate phones and chargers. It also makes for a great service project for youth organizations. The Cells for Cells team will send a prepaid FedEx label and marketing materials to help you in your effort. The only thing they ask is to send back a minimum of ten phones to keep shipping costs down.

Check out their site for FAQ’s and success stories on their blog: http://cellsforcells.com

Look, we do things randomly around here, so this charity feature will run with us until mid/late August. That’s how we roll.

If you have an idea for a charity that you would like to have profiled on Randomville, then please contact us at randomville@(NoSpam)randomville.com

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