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Each month we feature a new charity to share with our readers in hopes that they might donate to or at least spread the word to others for awareness. For July we decided to profile  The Hope Project.

ErinJoy Nash is a friend of mine and she has a great story to tell. Eight years ago her family adopted her brother Elijah from Liberia, Africa. Since that time, her parents have co-founded The HOPE Project which actively supports the community of people in Elijah’s village. In the past couple of years they have provided food and medical care to the village and built a school. Since the school was built, the number of children attending the school has grown to over 800!

Along with the number of children in attendance, the number of teachers they need to hire has increased. This is where problems occur as The HOPE Project has very minimal monthly monetary contributions and in order for the teachers to come back to teach in August, they must have a fair monthly wage. So Erin is asking for help with this monthly cost. They need $80-$120 per teacher per month so they are organizing groups of 4-12 people (depending on the teacher’s wage and # of people in a group) to support a single teacher therefore making it easier for individuals to help out financially.

Erin is volunteering to support a teacher named Evelyne Sehwongbar. She needs at least three other people to contribute $20 a month to help her support Evelyne so she receives a total of $80 a month. Or do you just have an extra $10-$20 that you would be willing to part with each month, which is only .33-.66 cents a day? There are many other teachers that need your support as well. Please help Erin out or volunteer to be responsible for gathering a group of people to make monthly pledges. Erin is trying to reach this goal by the first of August.

So there are four ways to get involved: 1) Help Erin out with her support towards Evelyne. 2) Volunteer to be responsible for gathering a group of people to make monthly pledges. 3) Make a general donation towards the organization. 4) Spread the word about this great cause!!

For more information, contact co-founder Michael Nash at nash@rah.net. All photos courtesy of The Hope Project.

Look, we do things randomly around here, so this charity feature will run with us until mid/late August. That’s how we roll.

If you have an idea for a charity that you would like to have profiled on Randomville, then please contact us at randomville@randomville.com

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