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Each month we feature a new charity to share with our readers in hopes that they might donate to or at least spread the word to others for awareness. For July we decided to profile Massage Therapy Foundation.

So our friends over at HCPRN have decided to make The Massage Therapy Foundation their receiving charity for 2011. We decided to follow in their footsteps and make them our charity for the month of July.


The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) is a 501 c3 public charity that helps to advance the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education, and community service.

Our goal is to bring the benefits of massage therapy to the broadest spectrum of society through the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in the field of massage therapy.

MTF does this by receiving donations and awarding grants from research studies, community service programs, educational initiatives and conferences. We also provide direct consultation to the healthcare and research communities and educate massage therapists on various research topics.






Part of the mission of the Foundation is to fund solid research studies investigating the many beneficial applications of massage therapy. Foundation research grants are awarded to individuals or teams conducting studies that promise to advance our understanding of specific therapeutic applications of massage, public perceptions of and attitudes toward massage therapy, and the role of massage therapy in health care delivery.





MTF is committed to helping educators advance the profession through teaching research literacy (the ability to find, read, understand and apply the research within the profession) and providing students with the necessary resources to succeed.




Community Service


MTF is committed to bringing therapeutic massage to people in need across the globe. Our community service grants are awarded to massage practitioners who partner with a local organization to provide massage and bodywork to populations in need. From massaging people living with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia, hospice patients in California, and seniors in rural Texas to bringing nurturing touch to disabled orphans in Uzbekistan, MTF grant recipients have brought touch to the neglected. The typical award is $5,000.


Interested in getting involved? Have a click here.



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