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Welcome to the Rodeo!

Brent Amaker and The Rodeo will be playing at The Crocodile Café Friday, October 22 as part of Seattle’s

CityArts Fest. B.A.R. is an in-your-face country band that is not to be missed. I have seen Brent and the boys several times over the last three years, and each show has been a rowdy, whiskey-swillin’ foot- stompin’ extravaganza. Think Johnny Cash with a potty mouth. No sissies allowed. Breasts welcome.

I interviewed Mr. Amaker via email (warning, language is R-rated):

R: What did you eat for breakfast?

B: Steak and eggs.

R: What is your definition of a true man?

B: A true man is always ready to make a decision and not look back. A true man knows his manners,

but also knows when to take a stand. A true man has a set of balls and knows what to do with


R: Your thoughts on Manscaping?

B: I have no clue what you’re talking about. Sounds stupid.

R: Where is the meanest, baddest, nastiest, scariest place you’ve ever played?

B: Antwerp Maximum Security Prison, Belgium.

R:  If you could play anywhere you wanted, where would you play?

B: Shit, I’m already doing that. There is nothing better than traveling State to State and playing

music. All the venues are different and you can always make something out of the night.

R: Real Cowboy, or Sissy, New-Age Pussy?

* Toby Keith

* Brad Paisley

* Keith Urban

B: I’m not into their music and I don’t know them well enough to comment on their daily habits.

I’m guessing Toby Keith is a real cowboy. I don’t know about the other guys. Probably pussies.

R: Country Singer, or Manufactured Publicity Whore?

* Taylor Swift

* Carrie Underwood

* Miley and/or Billy Ray Cyrus

B: Taylor Swift is pretty fucking hot and she has the best songs of the three. I’m not so sure about

the country thing. I’m guessing Nashville has shaped them all to a large degree.

R: Who is your True-Grit, Musical Hero?

B: CW McCall

R: What can we expect to see and hear at your CD Release Party at the Crocodile on Friday,

October 22nd?

B: It’s gonna be crazy. Get there early and bring your camera. We’ve got an exrtra cowboy. We’ve

got half naked girls. We’ve got dramatic lighting. We’ve got whiskey. And after all that, we still

have some big surprises for you. It’s gonna be the biggest, baddest Rodeo show ever.

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