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Good morning NYC.

Taken from Brooklyns High Street

Taken from Brooklyns High Street

The last day of CMJ is upon me and I have to admit I will certainly be missing it. What makes CMJ such a special event to be part of is that, literally, people all over the world come to see what the latest bands are and to make friends. It’s a paramount belief among anyone who purchases a ticket that whatever’s on MTV cannot be held as a reliable source of enjoyment; with such an overall stigma in the air, how could anyone want that to end?

One of the best parts about CMJ is also visiting new venues. I’m an NYC native who’s been to countless gigs throughout the year but made it a priority to not only see bands I’ve never heard of but also visit venues I had no clue existed. One particular venue is Santos Party House.


A 18-month-old venue which was co-created by our good friend:

Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K.

I also got to meet another co-owner named Derek Ferguson. It’s not every day you meet a venue owner within their own venue and I got to admit Mr. Ferguson was doing anything but shooting the casual bull. When asked what the best part about being part of this venue he answered:


What's most important to us is that our environment is positive overall. Our biggest goal was to have a place for creative people to hang out at the end of the day. Especially our staff, we have great and friendly security here which always keeps in mind that the people who come here paid their wages to be here

After a day of hanging out with Santos staff/concertgoers, it’s pretty clear that I will be attending many future gigs here due to its intimate, easy-going lifestyle. Its’ a venue that I can see many newcomers to the city enjoying. Here are some photos from the venue:




brick wall

This showcase of CMJ was hosted by the Windish Agency and featured such musicians as We Are Wolves and Midnight Juggernauts (two bands that dictate dancing). When asked why she was so eager to attend this gig, writer/aspiring actress Arian Boroumand has this to say:

“DAN BLACK! The level of energy he has excels with raw freedom! It’s great to finally see him and especially in CMJ"

DAN BLACK! The level of energy he has excels with raw freedom! It's great to finally see him and especially in CMJ"

I could give you descriptions of the various bands I saw but as a great man never said: photos speak louder than words.

We Are Wolves

We Are Wolves

We Are Wolves


We Are Wolves

We Are Wolves

Crowd 2

Crowd 3

And of course our old friend:

Dan Black

Dan Black

And that’s the conclusion of CMJ. It is deeply saddening that it’s come to an end (Monday morning blues will be returning), but the memories will certainly live on. It goes without saying that being a part of CMJ was more than a privilege and I certainly have to thank Randomville for allowing me to experience this. See you next year, CMJ.


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