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Cunt – by Inga Muscio

Admit it. You started to squirm when you read the title. Cunt. Can you say it out loud? If your answer is no, you�re not alone. Our discomfort with this word is precisely why this book is so important. You would think it would be difficult to write a book about a curse word that has been described as one of the filthiest in the English language. Then again, is �cunt� really the bad, bad word the general public would lead you to believe? Not at all, per author Inga Muscio, a self-described �cunt-lovin� lady�.

At the very beginning of this daring book, Muscio explains the surprising and innocuous origin of this word. She boldly abandons its common definition as the foulest-of-foul cussword concerning female genitalia, adopting it as a term of power and pride. To do this, she draws on its ancient meaning as (surprise, surprise) a term of respect for females. Ms. Muscio applies her new definition as she tackles the uncomfortable, if not outright controversial topics of menstruation, masturbation, reproductive freedom, sexual promiscuity, female-female relationships and rape with a remarkable amount of ease and humor. She skillfully discusses hard scientific research and facts while weaving in her own surprisingly honest personal anecdotes and referrals to the many organizations listed in the book�s lengthy index entitled �Cuntlovin� Guide to the Universe.�
If you don�t pick up this book to sample Inga Muscio�s familiar and audacious writing style or for the facts within, buy it for the �Cuntlovin� Guide to the Universe.�

It contains referrals to what Muscio refers to as �all of the products, businesses, services, organizations and events working to end white male domination.� In this index you can find everything from the website addresses for female owned and operated record labels such as Ani Difranco�s Righteous Babe Records, to information on how to get a catalogue from sex toy connoisseurs Toys in Babeland, to the mailing address for Women Against Military Madness.

There is no question that Cunt is a good read for the left-leaning ladies. In fact, I doubt that the more conservative-minded folks among you would appreciate the author�s plainly stated and undisputedly liberal opinions. Also, if you�re a fan of a more formal writing style, Muscio�s jocular tone will be quite irritating. But still, if you�re uncomfortable with what�s �down there,� read this book. And even if you aren�t, read it anyway. It�s not just about anatomy and it�s not just about feminism. When someone asked Muscio�s friend Dawn what the book Cunt was all about, she simply replied, �Freedom.�


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