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Days that are grey,
Nights that are clear.
Crying in silence,
without shedding a tear.

Alone in the dark,
the shadow of one.
The moment you realize,
your new life has begun.

Scared of the ending,
when taking a chance.
Til doing nothing,
becomes your new dance.

One bashful smile,
A playfull look.
Unsaid thoughts,
make for a good book.

The volcano inside,
is settling down.
Controlled by everything,
in this round about town.

The hum of the lights,
annoying at best.
Compared to the thuds,
going on in your chest.

When the breath has slowed,
the noises will fade.
Reflecting upon,
the choice that’s been made.

The race in your head,
has come to an end.
The cuts that are open,
now have freedom to mend.

One last scream,
but no final word.
As this untold story,
will never be heard.

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