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Take the sons of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and fuse in a love for pure rock & roll; be sure to shove guitars into their hands and befriend a talented guitarist and drummer. The end result will be TAB The Band. Consisting of Adrian Perry (Bass/Vocals), Tony Perry (Guitars), Ben Tileston (Drums), and Lou  Jannetty (Rhythm guitar), this-Massachusetts based band has not only been rocking their own tunes for four years, but have even landed the amazing support slot of legendary rock icon, Slash.

We caught a word with Frontman Adrian Perry, and got to watch the band perform live in New York City’s Terminal 5.

Randomville: Have you guys been to NYC before? What did you experience in your last visit?

Adrian Perry: [We’ve been to New York] many, many times. It’s probably the city where we are most popular! I have lived here four years now, and Tony for two. Our last NYC show was September second at the Rock Shop in Park Slope. We had a nice turnout. We even got to park our van out front, which was nice, since some hoodlums smashed out our driver-side window when we stopped in New Haven for pizza, so it was nice being able to keep watch on the car. It was a fun time.

Randomville: Have crowds been welcoming towards you guys? I believe it goes without saying that being an opening band can sometimes be daunting.

Adrian Perry: We almost always win over the crowd by the end of our set. Crowds get into it in varying degrees, since it’s hard to really dive into a band the first time you hear them. We’ve been lucky to be on some good rock & roll bills, with bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cage the Elephant, Modest Mouse, and Dinosaur Jr., among others. When you’re on bills like that, the fans of the headliners are predisposed to liking rock, which helps us. There are a few weird shows here and there, but generally we’ve been getting a great reception as an opener.

Randomville: What musicians would you say played pivotal influences to you while learning music?

Adrian Perry: When it comes to older acts include The Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The New York Dolls, AC/DC, T. Rex. But on newer acts I’d include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The White Stripes (really, anything with Jack White), and Beck.

Randomville: Are you guys writing new tracks?

Adrian Perry: Yes. We’ve got a lot of new songs which we’re working on. A new single will be out later in the fall, and it’s one of our hardest rocking tracks. I’d say it sounds like T. Rex meets AC/DC. Another new track sounds Beatles-y and has a pretty epic sound to it. It’s hard to say what the general direction is since the plan is to release a couple of singles before the next EP/LP comes out. We’ll see what happens though.

Randomville: Has anything been released in the world of music in the past two years that just wowed you?

Adrian Perry: We’re all pretty down with Robyn’s latest record. Also love the Band of Skulls record and the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club record.

Randomville: For someone who has never heard your band before, what would you hope a person would take away from hearing your tracks/seeing you guys perform live?

Adrian Perry: That it’s real, unfettered, uncut rock n’ roll.

Fellow opening act: Taddy Porter

TAB The Band


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TAB The Band took the daunting task of supporting a big name like Slash with absolute confidence and set out to rock the socks out off of everyone in that venue. They succeeded in doing so. Everyone in the crowd was enjoying the set, and even sad to see them go. If you want to experience TAB’s live show, be sure to catch them on tour with Taddy Porter and Slash, and also be sure to check out their most recent album, Zoo Noises

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