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Well, not exactly an award, but an honor for sure! In their own words, ClickitTicket.com recently “Scoured through hundreds of blogs. We feel your blog is among the twenty best music review blogs on the Web and we think you are doing a fantastic job with your site.”


And with that, they posted their Top 20 Music Review Blogs and you’ll see that not only did Randomville make the top 20, but we were ranked #7! There was a slight typo as we don’t kill indie “creed” but we do kill indie “cred. ” Although we wish that with all of our power, we had the ability to kill Creed! The best part is that though music coverage probably is our strongest asset, it’s not even our only focus!

We’d like to give a personal THANK YOU to ClickitTicket as well as the readers who are the reason why we do this. Thanks for consistently coming back! And lastly, to our WONDERFUL STAFF who have obviously been doing a creative, interesting , and entertaining job!!

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