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So the trip is coming to a close. I am not about to sum up Finland from my trip to Helsinki any more than I would sum up America based on a trip to Chicago. I will say this: The people who live in Helsinki are very nice as a rule, and curious to know why you’re there. Not in a deep south ‘You ain’t from around here, are you boy’ kind of way but just a genuine sense of curiosity about the world around them. Which is refreshing.

Stockholm might be bigger. Russia itself more intimidating. But Finland and Helsinki is  a perfect out-of-the-way place for anyone considering a trip to somewhere in Europe, other the the usual Great Britain-Spain-France-Germany route. I’d highly recommend it for a few days.

One last thing of detail. I need to give special recommendations to two places. The first is the hotel I stayed at– a converted prison which is now a Best Western in the Katajanokka district.

And the second thing is the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. It is mid-sized but one of the best museums I’ve ever been too. For modern art lovers you will be blown away. And lastly,  the music, especially the indie rock here, is amazeballs. You can bet from the six cd’s I bought, I’ll be doing an extensive recap.

For now, hope you enjoy the photos.

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