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Nah, I ain’t Humpty. I’m the new Randomville!

The very first thing that needs to be said is how about a round of applause for Wendell Pai and Steve Gibbs, the two guys who originally designed the first Randomville! The site held up just fine for over four years. They volunteered a LOT of their time and efforts to make Randomville a good place to come and visit. We are forever in debt for their contributions.

As life moves forward, changes need to happen for us as well, and we felt like it was time to give Randomville a face lift. We not only wanted to make it easier and more fun for our staff to add content to the site, but we especially wanted to make the site easier and more enjoyable for the reader to come and visit also.

So, we went out and made it happen. You can expect to see shorter, sillier stories posted; and probably more frequently than how often we post now. Our reviews, interviews and features will still be around for sure, and now you will be able to navigate through them much easier. There are updated, clickable links at the top of the page; to the right here you can find the most recent posts; you can search by month if you want (all the way back to the beginning in 2004!) or maybe by category; if you go a little further down to the right under our About page, you can now even search by author of the stories we’ve posted. If all of that fails, give our Search option a try down at the bottom left. So yeah, all of the old stories are still here, but you might find an image missing or a link not working from the old story. If that happens and you want more info from something in the past, then feel free to call us out on that and we’ll try to fix it.

For entertainment, listen to some music (that will often consist of several songs) at the top left of the page, read an interesting quote or maybe watch a video to the right side of the page.

You might be wondering where the images went for our stories? Relax, just click on the story you’re interested in, and you’ll see all of the images. And now you can comment quickly on our posted stories so be sure to get vocal with your thoughts!

All in all, there are plenty of things to check out now and we hope that we have enough interesting content on the site that you’ll want to check back with us more often. Even daily!

So, let’s get it started up. What do you think of the new site???

Welcome to Randomville…enjoy your stay.

Let's hear what you have to say.....


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