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With friends, I attended the inaugural game of The Seattle Mist last night: our new Lingerie Football team. The Mist are a part of The Lingerie Football League, a national organization which has teams in New York, Chicago, Denver and many more places.

Much like the XFL, the LFL is a little out there. Basically, it’s hot women in lingerie playing tackle football; about what we expected it to be. However we were surprised at just how skilled and athletic these women are, how legit some of the play formations were and especially how hard they actually hit each other. They don’t just push each other and give a little bump; these women are drilling each other. I’d have to say that #9 Maggie Pearson was probably the MVP as she was just un-stoppable on defense, making many hard-hitting plays stopping the other team (The San Diego Seduction) behind the line of scrimmage many times.

Check out video and photos:






The first Mist touchdown:


The San Diego Seduction

The San Diego Seduction



The Mist win!

The Mist win!



The crowd was about 98% male (real shocker):





More photos from The Seattle P-I

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