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Arguably the event of the year for indie rock fans, the Pixies’ first show in over a decade had some bumps in the road, but left the fans satisfied.

Even before the Pixies hit the stage, fans lined up outside the 800 person capacity venue as early as four hours prior to the doors opening. The line of fans eventually snaked around the building, down an alley, and into a parking lot. Hopeful people walked up and down the lines with signs reading ‘I Need Pixies Tickets’. One person bought a $34 ticket in line for $300. With all the excitement going on, most failed to notice drummer David Lovering walking back and forth from the tour bus to the side door of the Fine Line three different times. Maybe this was the best indication of the age of many of the concertgoers, as most were pre-teens when the group disbanded in 1992 and would have a hard time identifying any of the members.

It all appeared to be worth it the moment Frank Black, Kim Deal, Lovering, and Joey Santiago hit the stage to deafening applause. Most fans didn’t seem to notice Deal messing up the opening bass line to the first song, “Bone Machine”. By the time the band reached the first chorus, everyone in the house was singing along.

The foursome thundered through most of the first two albums (1988’s Surfer Rosa and 1989’s Doolittle) and their debut EP, Come On Pilgrim, concentrating the setlist on a time when tensions were low within the group. Despite some technical glitches, like Black struggling to tune his guitar before “Vamos”, and Deal’s spotty bass playing, the band showed why many consider them to be the template for the pop-punk movement on songs like “Tame”, “Here Comes Your Man”, and “U-Mass”. Deal redeemed herself later, with her crowd-pleasing vocals for “Gigantic”.

After closing the main set with a flourish, the Pixies returned for a seven-song encore, including the puzzling decision of a slower version of the previously played "Wave of Mutilation". The band exited the stage ninety minutes after they started, shaking hands with fans pressed against the stage and incredulous smiles on their faces. Despite the typical opening-night malfunctions, every fan in the venue was left wanting more. Worried originally that the reunion tour would be embarrassing, it appeared now that the Pixies’ only concern is keeping momentum going the rest of the summer through their fall theater dates. America, get ready…here comes your band.


Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
Levitate Me
Broken Face
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Holiday Song
Nimrod’s Song
La La Love You
Ed Is Dead
Here Comes Your Man
Number 13 Baby
Gouge Away


Isla De Encanta
Something About You
In Heaven->Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Where Is My Mind?
Into The White

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