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As you surf the Internet, always remember that there are pirates in them there waters. Pirated software and music aren’t anything new at this point. As I did research for this article (which consisted of Googling variables of “pirate”), I discovered that pirates abound the net. There are several History of Pirates sites available for your perusal. One such example is www.piratesinfo.com. There you will find a message board filled with topics like Q & A, pirate history & legends, and even online group projects. Overall it is one of my favorite fact-based pirate websites.

The link list at www.legends.dm.net/pirates/ has great links for both pirate-based fiction, as well fact based sites. Take this quiz http://lucid.lunacy.nu/quiz/pirates.html and after answering some very obvious questions they will tell you which Pirates of the Caribbean character you resemble (however with merely five questions, you should be able to figure it out – I’m Captain Jack Sparrow apparently). Even the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball homepage http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com has Pirates. Well okay, not pirates really, but it is a really good source for player stats, team news, schedule and even a daily poll for you baseball fans. So the next time you’re bored at work, check out some of these pirate sites for a little, um…break.

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