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Feeling pretty lazy today and I’ve only gone to see The Sights. I’ll write a review later. Gary Clark Jr. is next.

Interesting numbers:

-Yesterday got up to 76 during the day, and down to 48 at night. It’s a big shift.

-A security worker told me his shift yesterday was 7am to 11pm, and that is fairly normal for employees, though they get decent break times. This is the buys season for folks who live around here. Unemployment is during the slow season.


The Sights didn’t have a lot of people at their set because it was noon, the first act on day four of a long festival, and last night was a late night for many. It didn’t help that it took the soundman two or three songs to get the keyboards and lead guitar down. The Detroit garage/pop rock band brushed it off though and rocked out like it was a full arena anyway.

Frontman Eddie Baranek thrashed around all over the stage, veins bulging in his neck when he sang, and mic stands could barely stay erect. The windmill came out multiple times as he hit the guitar, nailing it hard enough to split his hand open. The cure: keep sucking blood in between riffs when he could. When he had a guitar string break, he sat the guitar down after the song and picked up his harmonica to rock out with his fellow sax player and other three band members. Too bad most of Sasquatch was too hung over to catch this great band.

“Gare-Eee!” “Gare-Eee!” chanted the crowd before Gary Clark Jr. even played a note. With a coy smile, he approached the mic: “I love you.” In fact, the crowd chanted this between every song, making Clark smile every time. After his first song, the kid to the left of me said “That was ridiculous.” To the right: “Killed it.”

They were right. He ripped ferocious guitar solos on every song, sometimes playing the low and high strings simultaneously. A lot of blues players will just kind of play through a song or two, then really rip it the third song or so. Not Gary Clark Jr. He brings it EVERY song! Full force. A big highlight was what seemed like a jam session including the main riff in the Jimi Hendrix song “Third Stone From the Sun.” Eventually he layed on an effect making it sound like he was scratching on turntables, accompanied by bass. Only 27 years old and having already jammed with Clapton and played for Obama, this kid is only beginning.

fun. is this year’s Foster the People. Not my kind of music and the singer has a great voice, but I’ll be shocked if we’re still talking about them in five years.

Speaking of Foster the People. They are the only band I’ve seen have as big of a crowd on the little Yeti stage as did John C. Reilly and Friends on Monday night. The lawn was completely full. I thought they were okay, but just another country band. I left and came back for their final song, discovering that about half the crowd had left. Apparently the novelty of seeing a second-tier actor wore off. Rumors are already floating that The John Lovitz Band will be playing Sasquatch next year.

I can’t pinpoint why, but I’m just fascinated with The Cave Singers. It’s kinda backwoods psychedelic jam culture roots rock. But I sure like it. I went and watched dj SBTRKT for a bit and couldn’t believe how kids were still dancing wildly at nearly the end of the festival. Then my friend clued me in on the solution: Drugs!

Myself, I was so exhausted by evening that I actually sat through an entire Tenacious D show. I’m just not a fan of Jack Black, nor do I get his comedy. It’s like watching Napoleon Dynamite. However I was shocked at how many people knew all the words to “Fuck Her Gently” and sang along. The huge inflatable phallic-looking raven in the back of their set leaned forward at the end of their set. It had a hole in the top of its head and at the end of the song, it blew white confetti all over the place. Okay, that was pretty funny.

When Beck came on, I pointed out that “Loser” came out about 18 years ago. My buddy countered with acknowledging that many in this crowd were not even alive yet when that happened. Yikes! For me, it was great to sing along to old hits like “Loser,” “Devil’s Haircut” and many more from my favorite album of his, Odelay.

Beck had a daunting task in being the final act on the final night where people were tired and had to get back to work the next day. I heard people saying they felt bad for him as they were walking away from the show. It was cool that he played three songs from Sea Change, but it was just too tough on the tired crowd and those songs really fell short. Adding lyrics from Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” to his own “Think I’m in Love” was crafty though.

He had good musicians with him, but Beck isn’t on tour right now and the group sounded sloppy and not on the same page at times. Even a lot of feedback issues. Beck stood there in a leather jacket for the first half of his set, then in a cardigan sweater the next half. There was no dancing (dude can get down!) like when I saw him about a decade ago during the Midnight Vultures tour. He just stood there with his guitar this time. The stage set was nothing flashy; just yellow lights.

The encore really did hit home though with Tenacious D, Sasquatch, and presumably a dancing Beck’s son returning to the stage to boogie down. They paid tribute to Sasquatch himself by playing “Mutherfuker”: “Everyone’s out to get you, motherfucker!!” The song “E-Pro” ended it all with an extended “Na na, na-na na na, na na” over and over with Tenacious D prowling all over the place. Beck tried his best to not laugh at the antics and remain weird, but he couldn’t help but laugh at times.

And with that, Sasquatch! 2012, and my aching feet, are complete.

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