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The life we have made,
the love we have lost.
The road we have taken,
no matter the cost.
Loved ones that have passed,
the ones still here,
the page we turn
to show the next  year.
Breaking the silence,
by laughing out loud.
getting pushed aside,
within a big crowd.
Crying from laughter,
crying from pain.
The sun on your face,
being kissed in the rain.
Beginnings of books
a movie that ends
ships that turn over
from chaotic winds.
Ice that crackles,
snowflakes that fall,
a love bird’s song
a lonely wolf’s call.

Surrounded by friends
a night alone
moving away
or coming home.
A walk on the beach
a lighthouse’s light
having something to stand for
that’s worth a good fight.
An old man’s last breath,
a baby’s first cry,
a soldier saluting
a flag waving high
Offering a hand
to a stranger in need
realizing your human
when you see yourself bleed.
Maneuvering a wheelchair
running a race
exotic foods
never thought you would taste
Butterflies in your belly
a lump in your throat
first time on a plane
last time on a boat
Winter and spring
summer and fall,
an unforgettable experience
life is to us all.

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