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Last night at the Cantina in Reno, Nevada, drummer Bud Gaugh played a show with his new band Del Mar. However, also on the bill was Gaugh and his former band Sublime. Well, sort of. The show was Gaugh, original bass player Eric Wilson and new singer/guitarist Rome, who has a version of the Sublime song “Ebin” up on his Myspace page, which he recorded with both Gaugh and Wilson.

Here is the official statement that Del Mar released from their Myspace page: “So Del Mar played the gig at Cantina last night in Reno, it was packed and amazing. What really fucking killed it was SUBLIME reuniting and playing with new singer, Rome. We’re fucking stoked for Bud, Eric, and Rome- Bud’s still playing with Del Mar, and Sublime doesn’t have any firm tour plans or anything YET, but we’ll keep you posted on their progress. By the way, Del Mar’s record release party for After the Quake, our debut album’s set for May 2nd at Vixen in Sparks. We got Bert Susanka and the Astronaut Love Trianglr, Sexrat, Livitz Livitz, and possibly Keyser Soze on board. We’ll see you there. Peace!”

Apparently Bud Gaugh has had a change in heart because last year in an exclusive interview with Randomville, he was very direct in putting to rest any ideas of Sublime continuing on: “It would be ‘selfish’ to move on & keep trekking like Brad is easily replaceable. Additionally, we’re respecting his wishes by not looking for a fill-in. Sublime was Brad, Eric, and myself, not Eric, me, and Joe-fucking-blow. After all, is it really Queen without Freddy Mercury? C’mon.”

The guy does sound good, I’ll give him that. I’d probably go see them just to see Gaugh and Wilson play Sublime songs together, but I might have a tough time getting over the Brad Nowell thing. Nowell was the singer/guitarist for the band until his accidental overdose that he died from on May 25, 1996.

All in all, I do trust the morals and judgement of Gaugh and Wilson and I can only hope that they are doing this for the right reasons.

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