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I know this article will only hold value for those of you living in or around the Dayton area, but please indulge me for a minute of your time.

Once upon a time it was a small soccer shop called simply, Frye’s Soccer Shoppe. After Frye left the soccer equipment business, the building stood abandoned for a number of years. Then one day it happened, the building was bought. People started cleaning up the storefront. For several months now the sign has been staring me in the face, taunting me. It has mocked my every attempt to understand the intricacies of such a logical combination. Moreover, it made me ask, “What is a DVD Pizzeria?

Finally, it opened June 8th. Somehow I managed to forget it had opened and did not make it in until the following day.

When you enter, you notice several things at once. First, all the TVs are playing movie previews. Second, there is a small wall of DVDs in the dining area. Third, there is a pizza counter. I am not sure what I expected as I approached the door of the DVD Pizzeria, but I am sure it was not a plain white room with movie posters and Flying Pizza style seating.

I ordered a pizza and filled out a membership card. I must say, their pizza was rather tasty. I got the “Meat Feast” and I thought I was going to immediately have a heart attack. The amount of meat on this pizza represented the death of a herd of animals. I felt more like I was eating genocide than a few chunks of meat on a pie. The sauce was also magnificent. It lacked the vinegar and salt taste I associate with nasty little pizza shops. Instead it had a very strong and delicious tomato flavor.

The rental selection was limited to be kind. What they did have was an eclectic but interesting mix. Independent movies and solid flicks that met with critical, but not box office acclaim made up the majority of their selection. Next in quantity were B-movies. Both standard fare straight-to-video types as well as the “scream queen” movies were being offered. I will admit a guilty pleasure, sometimes I just want to see some hack-and-slash peppered with naked women. Finally, there was a limited collection of popular movies. The one I really noticed was Love Don’t Cost A Thing as it sat on the shelf awkwardly close to Bubba Ho-Tep and Blood Gnome.

So, what is the appeal to a place like this? First of all, they deliver. They don’t just deliver pizza; they also deliver Young’s Dairy ice cream and DVDs. It’s an entire evening delivered by one person! Moreover, if you happen to already have one of their movies when they deliver pizza, ice cream and a movie to you, you can just hand it back to the delivery guy.

DVD Pizzeria is but one small shop in one small suburb of one small city. On the other hand, it is an example of a wonderful innovation in entertainment, the sort that can be found in almost any city.

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