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So I think I’ve created the super-group of super-groups and THIS will turn out to be the most entertaining band OF ALL TIME.

First off, we have both Courtney Love and Billy Corgan. Two strong, demanding personalities, and for extra substance, they used to be lovers (sorry for the visual, but it’s true). Next, we’re going to add two more wack-jobs in Billy Bob Thornton and Joaquin Phoenix. To round this train wreck out, we’ll make Axl Rose  their manager.

I have no idea what instruments they will each play, and I think that could be half of the fun in watching them fight it out every performance. Oh, and they must play three new cities A DAY while on tour, and tour 315 days a year. They must also record a new album once a month, and the recording of their albums will be made into DVDs. Now THAT would be Reality Television!

Sure, I could have added Ol’ Dirt Bastard or GG Allin, but this isn’t a fantasy collaboration as those two are dead. Only people who are alive still (for now).

Why Joaquin and Billy Bob you ask? Oh, they are just as Looney Tunes as all of the above. Check out their recent interviews:

About 9 minutes into this, Thornton’s band mates have that “what the hell are we doing?” look on their faces.

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