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It was 15 years ago today that Kurt Cobain was found dead. Yes, there are kids nearly old enough to drive that are going “Kurt who?”

Makes you feel kinda old, doesn’t it?

Anyways, on Sunday I posted a blurb about his real anniversary. And on Saturday, some friends and I had the Cobain thought in mind as we set out to visit the house where he died, the grave sight of Jimi Hendrix, and also the graves of both Brandon and Bruce Lee.

Yes, the six (and a half!) Dead Heads were in full bloom on an absolutely gorgeous, sunny afternoon.

First, we decided to drive about 45 minutes South to Renton to go visit Jimi. Along the way, we did see this:


Oh, and I had to dress properly. I wore my Jimi shirt that is so old it’s really not overly black anymore and leaning towards gray. For Cobain, I sported a green flannel shirt.


For the Lee’s, I didn’t have much, so I could only go with a wrist band, which is, um, kind of Kung-Fu like. Right?


Back in 2002, I visited Jimi’s grave site, and it really wasn’t all that impressive with just this small tombstone in the ground:


So during the car ride, I got us pumped up with Jimi’s performance at Woodstock. Two of the Dead Heads met the rest of us there and we are all extremely shocked at what we found. They had moved Jimi since the last time I was there and now they had built a giant mural in his honor, complete with lyrics and images, all etched into fine granite. Along with Jimi, several of his family members are buried there with him.






Notice the lipstick kisses...





We don’t get many nice, sunny days in Seattle during April, so we decided to walk over to the Garden of Eternal Peace right next door to soak up some rays.



On the way back North to go visit Bruce and Brandon, I really didn’t have any music by either of them, however, I did substitute by playing “Hong Kong Phooey” by Sublime, and the album Some Boots by Karate. I quickly remembered how boring the band Karate can get. This was pretty cool to see though:


This shows you just what a bad-ass Bruce Lee was as he plays ping pong with numchucks.





Only one mile down the road was the house where Kurt Cobain killed himself. Courtney Love sold the house years ago, so we weren’t sure what kind of access we’d get to the home if new people live there. In preparation, I put on From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah by Nirvana. And why not the video that started the madness?

It turns out that the house is occupied by new owners, a large fence is all around the property, and the garage where Cobain commited suicide has been taken down. It was a pretty beautiful house though. By all means, we felt kind of strange and like we were spying, but the people that bought the house had to know what they were getting into.




Right next to the property is a small “park” with a couple of benches. Both benches had a lot written on them (as well as some surrounding trees), but this one in particular was so full I barely had room to pay tribute.







And last but not least, the REAL trooper for this whole voyage, young Abigaile (with mom). Even though she slept through about 90% of this mission, she was a true delight to us all. Too bad she was kicked out of a bar though. Apparently even four-week-old babies are considered “minors” and we were told to leave a bar that we went to for dinner. Geez la weez.



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