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So over the past few weeks we ran a couple of stories that both support and do not support Record Store Day. With that in mind, there is now some news on how record stores are getting in on the digital download action.

Enter Think Indie. Using this service, you can download your digital songs (and they have a great catalog so far!) through this website, and in general, a record store will get a cut of this sale. How does your local record store get a cut? Click on Find Indie on the left side of the screen and see if your local record store has a page yet.

As one of our staff mentioned, it looks like there are pros and cons of course. Pros=320 kbps mp3s. Cons=$1.11 per track, only indie labels so far. But from fishing around the site it looks like they are really asking for a lot of feedback and it sounds like the music selection will only grow.

So this kind of brings us back to the circle again. For one thing, you pay more for downloads here than you normally would (99 cents is about the norm) and you don’t get the record clerk-to-customer interaction here. However, it’s only another twelve cents and it goes into supporting record stores that are there when you need them for music advice/suggestions/knowledge and are perhaps hosting free in-store performances of great bands.

Will this idea work to help “save” record stores? Should we even bother?


Let's hear what you have to say.....


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