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Each month, Randomville profiles an artist that Third Man Records provides us with. For April, we’re actually not profiling an artist, but instead bringing to your attention The Third Man Rolling Record Store.

Everyone knows that you can purchase music from Third Man artists either on their website or at their Nashville store, but what if Third Man made it even easier and brought their record store TO YOU! That is exactly what they have done by remodeling an old DHL Delivery truck and transforming it into a moving record store.

Inside are selections of mostly vinyl from only Third Man artists (sorry, no Lady Gaga on their bus). The truck is a little small, so this kind of works like the ice cream truck that drives down your street: You go up to the window, order a product, and a friendly employee hands you your purchased item. And just to be sure that your record works, they can have them throw it onto the turntables inside if you want to.

Another cool feature is that if you bring your guitar up to the outside of the truck, you can plug into it directly and start jamming out with your band or new musicians that you meet. If that wasn’t cool enough, Third Man even has the capability to record what you play!

So where will this Rolling Record Store be driving around to? They already debuted the truck at SXSW, with Jack White himself popping out to play a couple of songs to a quickly gathered crowd outside. Third Man is keeping the next visits of the truck fairly quiet, however it will be making an appearance at The Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island this year.

“There’s no town too far, no festival too fringe, no idea too crazy for us not to consider conquering it with The Rolling Record Store.”

Keep your eyes peeled…

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