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Torture is a term used a lot in the media these days and it’s usually considered a negative action. We here at Randomville aren’t really sure what water boarding is and we don’t really know what all goes on at Guantanamo Bay. While it’s possible those are negative things involving torture, we don’t really get too involved with politics. In general, we keep things pretty basic.
In fact, we LOVE torture! Yes, the torture that we promote is a good thing and we hope we can inflict it on as many people as possible. What we are referring to is The 2007 Randomville Torturethon that will run through the month of November. Kicking off on Monday, Nov 12th at 10am EST, our first brave (and foolish!) participant will lace up the boots to raise money for charity.
Here is how it all works. An individual chooses a song that they really hate and then they agree to listen to that song repeatedly for a long as they can possibly stand it. By signing up on our message boards, they agree to listen to this song for a minimum of two hours repeatedly, yet some go for eight or more hours. This could possibly drive someone to insanity and we want to experience every second of it, so the participant is also required to post on our boards a minimum of twice per hour. They are free to reflect, bitch, curse, beg for mercy and/or reply to messages from other “supporters.”
Ashlee Simpson has inflicted torture
The driving force for each of these participants is knowing that they are sweating out bullets for charity. Each of them will be sponsored by independent parties who wish to donate. Most usually go by the hour, so the longer a person makes “torture” for themselves, the more money they raise.
Last year we raised over $700 for the Brian and Kathryn Harvey Memorial Endowment, benefiting music and the arts in the Richmond, VA area. This year we have chosen a charity linked to a truly gifted musician and pioneer in the indie music world in the late Joe Strummer. Strummerville: The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music will be our recipient of money raised. Any fan of The Clash has to be a fan of this charity!
Last year’s inaugural event began as an experiment by one message boarder to disprove a popular media outlet’s proclamation of the “Worst Song Ever” by listening to the song on repeat for eight hours.  The posted results were hilarious and informative, and prompted other boarders to choose their own torturous tunes, this time for charity.  People tortured themselves with music from Ashlee Simpson, Gwen Stefani, Hanson’s “MMM-Bop” and if you can believe it, a Radiohead song.
Yes, a person hated the song “Karma Police” by Radiohead so much that she entered that as her torture song. Participants listen at home, at work, in the car or wherever they might go. Their song is on repeat, no matter what. It’s possible they could be lying and saying they’re listening to the song and not really doing it, but our friends are pretty honest people. We believe that all liars will be sorted out in the end by the big guy upstairs.
So this Monday we’ll kick it all off with none other than the song “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys. It looks like music from both SouljaBoy and Creed will be selected this year also. Do you think you have what it takes to participate? Signups are welcome to the public. Anyone is welcome to sponsor an individual participating or if you just want to log on and follow along, visit our Torturethon Page on our message boards. If you wish to participate, signing up for our boards is quick, free and easy.
The 2007 Torturethon will randomly happen on random days and random times all month long, so check back often.
Yes, torture can be a good thing if you let it be.

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