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Just two weeks after I posted this story to promote the Adam Carolla show, I’m sad to report that tomorrow will be their final  show on the radio. You can stream the show live and I believe you can watch a live webcast as well on their website.

Yes, this masterpiece of a morning show had the rug pulled out from under it because CBS decided that America needs more Top 40 radio. It will switch to Amp Radio, and I’m sure we’ll be blessed with another plate full of garbage. From what I gathered, Carolla had excellent ratings from the get-go, but I know they had a nervous “dump button” guy who was assigned to bleep out anything that was said on the show to be considered offensive (which happened a lot). That’s why I liked him: he wasn’t afraid to say the things on his mind, even if it was offensive to some.


I am not a morning person and functioning in the morning is a daily struggle for me. However I always looked forward to getting into my car to turn on the Carolla show. I’m not going to call the guy a genius like some have, but he’s a lot more intelligent than what some people give him credit for. Listen to some of his old podcasts for proof.

The Adam Carolla Show told the truth and a lot of people don’t like that. They are afraid of it.

FM radio just got a tad more boring…again.

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