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New Jersey rock ensemble Those Mockingbirds have just released their new EP No Symmetry. The collection of five tracks offers immediate pleasure in terms of inventive guitar chords and soaring vocals from frontman Adam Bird, but the track that sticks out the most is also the group’s debut single, “Honest? Honest.”  The group was excited to allow Randomville to premier the music video! Enjoy!

Those Mockingbirds “Honest? Honest.” – SFW Edition from SideCho Records on Vimeo.

And not only do we have the video for your enjoyment but also some wise words from Adam Bird himself!

Randomville: What does the idea of the music video represent?

Adam Bird: The video is a commentary on censorship; we just chose to tell the story with naked bodies so the people who don’t want to think too much about messages like that cand can just enjoy the visuals.

Randomville What does “Honest? Honest.” mean to you in terms of lyrical content?

Adam Bird: The song is about how neutered the meaning of the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” has become.
Randomville Were there any alternative ideas for the music video?

Adam Bird: Yeah, without going too in-depth, it involved us being tarred and feathered!

Randomville Did the Numa Numa guy do anything to deserve the fate he’s been given?

Adam Bird: Yes, he is responsible for the rise of the Jonas Brothers. Obviously we had to do something.

Randomville What do you hope people take and get from this music video and the song in general?

Adam Bird: We want everyone to relate so personally to the video that they throw naked parties in protest to the censorship that is so rampant in the world.

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