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Northern Irish rock band Ash release a video as risky as their latest career venture. The video is for their latest single True Love 1980, which will be the first single off the A-Z Series.

Irish Rockers Ash

After releasing 6 albums throughout the course of fourteen years (and over twenty five singles) the trio decided that the album format was long dead and the only way to keep music fresh and relevant is to release singles independently and more frequently,


leading to the process of creating their own record label Atomic Hearts Records and venturing with their plan to release twenty six singles in the span of a year (a song will be sent to subscribers every 2 weeks).


The process for the A-Z Series begins October twelfth with the release of True Love 1980, but if you need your fix of Ash you can also download their previous single (Return of the White Rabbit) for free at www.ash-official.com.

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