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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Randomville.com, the Independent Pop Culture and Entertainment Web Magazine. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for stopping back. You’ll find a lot of the same great content you’ve come to expect from us, and a few new things as well. Stay tuned, as I’ll be talking about the changes in a bit. If you’re new to our little corner of the world, let me bring you up to speed.
Randomville was borne of frustration. WOXY 97.7FM, a beloved independent radio station that tended to buck the hot trends in music, boasted a burgeoning and thriving message board community that spanned the globe. When that station sold its terrestrial signal to a larger company early in 2004, many of us on the message board were aggravated that yet another bastion of independent pop culture was swallowed by the hungry corporate giant. And so, we decided to create a place where we could expose the lost gems of the entertainment spectrum to an audience that might otherwise overlook them.
Over the last year-plus, the site has gone through several changes, but this is the one designed (pun intended) to take us to the next level. Aesthetically and thematically, the site is miles better and more user-friendly than its previous incarnation.
First, the design. Credit goes to Steve Gibbs of esgee design, and our resident webmaster Wendell Pai for putting it all together (not to mention putting up with countless changes and bug workarounds). Bravo, gentlemen. We couldn’t have done this without you. Second, a much more attractive and simpler navigation. It should be a lot easier to find specifically what you’re looking for. Next is the addition of a content section we call IN OTHER WORDS… Focusing primarily on features, IOW will pay host to areas of entertainment that don’t necessarily fit into the six other categories. Finally, a comprehensive archive section that compiles every piece ever written for Randomville, organized by month. Quite a handy tool, I must say.
We’re still working out a few bugs, so please bear with us while we fix things up. With all the fresh and exciting content coming in the door, the consensus was we should go ahead and relaunch so it doesn’t become stale and outdated. So, if you see an article that’s formatted strangely, links that don’t seem to lead anywhere, or a page that’s missing images, don’t worry. We’re working on it.
On behalf of the entire Randomville staff, I’d like to say thanks for checking us out. For as long as you continue to support us, we’ll be here. Killing indie cred…one reader at a time.
Scott Wherle

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