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Is bacon the greatest food of all time? I think it might be because there are very few, if any, foods that it does not go well with. A co-worker recently brought this subject up to me because he heard a couple of radio dj’s trying to come up with foods that wouldn’t mesh well with bacon; and they were stuck.

The folks at Chowhound.com had a discussion about it and that sparked the idea of pickles to me. I really love kosher pickles right from the jar, but I wasn’t sure how it would blend with bacon.

Now The Chicken Wing Index did bring up some good points, though some points my friends and I had already come up with or canceled out:

Things that bacon does not improve:

  1. Cereal with milk, plain and simple, they just don’t go. GOOD POINT
  2. Hard candy, I don’t know why- it just doesn’t work  WE ALREADY THOUGHT OF  THAT
  3. Beverages of any type. I’ve heard of bacon infused vodka, the guy that came up with it should have read this list first.  WE ARE ONLY TALKING FOODS
  4. Fruity candy- like Starburst, really does that even sound appetizing? WE ALREADY THOUGHT OF  THAT
  5. Anything with mint- just imagine it, or don’t, it’s not a great thought  I DISAGREE; I WOULD EAT MINT BACON ICE CREAM
  6. Any type of citrus- oranges, lemons, grapefruit, kumquats- none of these will work at all.  REALLY GOOD POINT
  7. Scarves- though it does look tasty, but a definite fashion faux pas.  I’D TRY IT!

Part of the criteria my friends and I tried to stay with was that this had to mostly be foods you would sit down and eat, either as a meal or at a meal. So no, Sweet Tarts would not qualify. Now ice cream doesn’t work either because I recently tried bacon ice cream at Molly Moon’s in Seattle…and it was good!

About the only other items that we could come up with were jello or sherbet. Other than that, we are out of ideas. So while discussing this at dinner the other night, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I returned, a plate of bacon and pickles soon arrived. I guess somebody had to do it…


And the result??


Ultimately, it did taste good even with a major salt overload. However it did leave a pretty gross after-taste.

So I ask the question: What doesn’t bacon go well with?

Let's hear what you have to say.....


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