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Every once in a while a song is posted online and if we’re lucky, it’s even available for free download. The thing that usually makes this annoying is that we’re always bombarded with info on who they are, where they hail from, and of course to check them out.

However today we have found a track online that has nothing else attached; it’s just music. What sets this apart is that there really is nothing known except for this single free song. And what would you know? It’s quite awesome.

Listen to “If I Have To” by Paperkraft Kastles: [audio:http://randomville.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/If-I-Have-to-no-vox_guitar.mp3|titles=If I Have to (no vox_guitar)]

The track is an electronic journey without the feel of its honest intentions being washed away. It is home made but impressive and makes you wonder what these people will do next. This is Paperkraft Kastles, and they’re going to do great things

BONUS: Get a free Paperkraft Kastles song here


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