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If you live East of the Mississippi, it’s quite possible you know that the 62ft Jesus outside of the Solid Rock Church on I-75 in Monroe, Ohio not only got hit by lightning last night, but it burnt to the ground. And you know this is a big deal! If you live West of the Mississippi, this probably means nothing to you.

The original

For those not in the know, the big Jeeebus as we have called him here at Randomville for years, holds a special place in our heart. As flamboyant as he has been, it will be kind of odd not seeing that humongous bust of Christ on the side of the road anymore.

All kidding aside, it’s been interesting reading how people on Facebook are both supporting and protesting against the idea of replacing this large figure. We’re not very interested in that, however we just want to celebrate the mocking life of Jeeebus that we have shared over the years. We must give props where they are well deserved to C.R., the “creator” of Jeeebus and we ask that you visit his “Son of God Blog” to view all of the amusing pictures over the years.

And of course, they still continue…

Some of my personal favorites over the years…

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